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Fr John Morrissey

Fr John Morrissey

"One of the lasting impressions I have after living in various cultures is that a smile speaks all languages. No matter where you go, people always respond to a friendly greeting.

My goal is that you will always find St. Sebastian to be a warm and welcoming place to worship."

"Come to Worship - Leave to Serve"

Weekly we join together to worship our God. As Catholics we understand that worship is a communal affair as we recall Christ's ultimate sacrifice on Calvary and His greatest gift, His own body and blood. The Eucharistic meal is there to nourish and fortify us as we leave on our journey to SERVE.  


Fr John latest reflection on Penance through the Eucharist. Review Here

YFr John Morrissey Celebrates 50 YEARS as a Priest of Christ. A great Mass and Reception ! Thanks to the over 700 people that attended .
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Fr John examines our beliefs about Mary the Mother of God in light of Vatican II.
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