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Fr John Morrissey

Fr John Morrissey

"One of the lasting impressions I have after living in various cultures is that a smile speaks all languages. No matter where you go, people always respond to a friendly greeting.

My goal is that you will always find St. Sebastian to be a warm and welcoming place to worship."



The Mission of Saint Sebastian Parish is to grow as a Faith-based Community being nourished by the Word of God and the Sacraments as we reach out, in service, with love and compassion.

The Vision of Saint Sebastian Parish is to:

  • Respond to the Physical, Social, Emotional, and Spiritual needs of our Parish Family
  • Educate our Members with a deeper understanding of our Faith in order to foster Spiritual Growth so that they will more actively participate in our Parish Community
  • Be active in Social Outreach within the Parish and our Community
  • Be an Evangelizing Parish in which members witness and spread the Gospel in keeping with their individual gifts
  • Attract and involve our Youth, growing them in Christian Values, instilling a Love of our Faith, and emphasizing an active commitment to our Parish and to Society.
  • Exemplify Stewardship as a way of life, recognizing that all we have is from God and, in gratitude, we are called to Share of our Time, Talent, and Treasure.

The Values of Saint Sebastian Parish

  • Social Justice at St. Sebastian's parish is advocating for the rights of individuals and groups and being sensitive to the needs of the marginalized.
  • Integrity at St. Sebastian's parish is being honest and truthful in all actions while living in accordance with the moral standards of our faith.
  • Community at St. Sebastian's parish is welcoming all in fellowship and working together to build a sense of family, belonging and sharing.
  • Creativity at St. Sebastian's parish is encouraging new ways of thinking and acting to achieve the goals of the parish.
  • Forgiveness/mercy at St. Sebastian's parish is being empathetic and compassionate.
  • Spirituality at St. Sebastian's parish is working toward and maintaining a more meaningful relationship with God.


  • Welcoming environment (by the Pastor)
  • Variety of Organizations and Ministries<
  • Parish Leaders open to suggestion
  • Young Family Involvement
  • Willingness to give of Time/Talent
    Talented Congregation
  • Active Outreach to the Community
  • Lay people in support roles
  • Integrating the Community into the Parish
  • Loyal Parish Constituency


  • Financial Support
  • One Full time Priest
  • Attendance (unwillingness to attend)
  • Disconnectedness (each Mass has its own attendees)
  • Age of the Active Parishioner
  • Lack of Ownership
  • Effective Parish Outreach
  • Priority of Parishioners (outside activities that do not include the Church
  • Snow-birds


Spiritual Development
Youth Outreach
Growing  Community Ecumenism
Fostering Vocations
Education (e.g., outside speakers)
Marketing (Parish Handbook, etc)
Conducting Needs Analyses
CYO (Parish youth activities)


  • Financial Support
  • Shortage of Priests
  • Volunteer Burn-out
  • Priest burn-out
  • Desertion (going to other parishes)
  • Redirection of Catholics (going to other churches)
  • Median age of the Parish (who is in our “pipeline”)
  • Increases in life span
  • Age Gap (2 decades)
  • Parental Involvement
  • Size of the Parish –causes disconnection (each Mass its own environment) and leads to being “Impersonal”
  • Culture –Secularization.