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Fr John Morrissey

Fr John Morrissey





"One of the lasting impressions I have after living in various cultures is that a smile speaks all languages. No matter where you go, people always respond to a friendly greeting.

My goal is that you will always find St. Sebastian to be a warm and welcoming place to worship."

Womens Guild

St. Sebastian Women's Guild is the parish organization that represents Catholic women living within the confines of St. Sebastian parish.

Its purpose is to promote Christian living and service in St. Sebastian parish, to foster the spiritual development of the women of the parish, and to provide opportunities for friendship and community spirit through social, cultural and educational programs and events.

Its goal is to act as a common voice for the women of our parish: to serve as a channel for all the women so that they might use their own unique and individual talents to help others and thus, through Christian witnessing, draw all to God.

All the women of St. Sebastian parish, whether we recognize ourselves as leaders or not, are called by God to "Work in His Vineyard". We invite you to join us in "His" service for we have need of both your Catholic minds and skillful hands.

We meet the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 1:00 PM in Lesage Hall.(Sept thru May). Our corporate communion is the 3rd Sunday of each month at the 7:30 AM Mass.Our officers are:

 President                  Ruth Ann Girard
 Vice President          Laura Christopher
 Treasurer                  Nancy Solari
 Recording Sec.         Dorothy French
 Corresponding Sec.  Maureen Fitzpatrick

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Regular Meeting

Church/LaSage Hall